EPIDEMIC: Epidemiology Educational Code

Matlab Submitted 02 March 2021Published 27 April 2022

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Bruna Pavlack (0000-0002-6807-0916), Malú Grave (0000-0002-7697-0658), Eber Dantas (0000-0003-2693-0719), Julio Basilio (0000-0003-1040-735X), Leonardo de la Roca (0000-0003-2896-228X), João Pedro Norenberg (0000-0003-3558-4053), Michel Tosin (0000-0002-0112-553X), Lucas Chaves (0000-0003-4567-2006), Diego Matos (0000-0002-6711-8500), Marcos Issa (0000-0002-2811-4929), Roberto Luo (0000-0002-3822-4945), Amanda Cunha Guyt (0000-0001-8575-3594), Luthiana Soares (0000-0001-5314-0881), Rodrigo Burgos (0000-0003-0326-395X), Lisandro Lovisolo (0000-0002-7404-9371), Americo Cunha (0000-0002-8342-0363)


Pavlack et al., (2022). EPIDEMIC: Epidemiology Educational Code. Journal of Open Source Education, 5(50), 149, https://doi.org/10.21105/jose.00149

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epidemiology teaching educational code computational models compartmental models trend and forecast graphs

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