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Data Carpentry for Business (Python and SQL)

Note: Since the learning module contains two topics (one about SQL and one about Python), the contents are stored in two separate repositories.
The submitted repository is the SQL learning module, another part is stored at

The main purpose of this workshop is to equip business students with relevant data retrieval, programming, and data analytic skills. The workshop contains two parts: the first part focuses on SQL, and the second part focuses on Python. The SQL lessons introduce the basic concepts of relational databases and instruct students on how to write efficient queries. For the Python part, the first few lessons cover basic programming concepts such as variables, loops, and functions. Students will also learn how to process data and perform Excel-like tasks by using Python. Moreover, students will be given an overview of the CRISP-DM framework, which is a popular methodology for completing data analytics projects. At the end of the workshop, there are two data analysis case studies that are based on real-life data.

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