kalu-o / mLEARn

mLEARn is an implementation of mutli-layer perceptron in C++. The aim of mLEARn is to provide a simple and extendable machine learning platform for students in courses involving C++ and machine...

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This software consists of a series of language interpreters, in the tradition of EOPL, written in Python for ChAmElEoN---a programming language for teaching students the concepts and implementation...

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AstrobioMike / AstrobioMike.github.io

Happy Belly Bioinformatics (astrobiomike.github.io) is a website designed and maintained around the goal of helping biologists be able to learn and apply bioinformatics as needed in their research.

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Emacs-reveal is free/libre and open source software to create HTML presentations (slides with audio) that are suitable as Open Educational Resources. Source files for presentations are written in...

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rambasnet / thinkpythonnotebooks

Jupyter notebook-based learning modules for CS1 and CS2 level university courses based on open-source text book. May be used as supplementary or primary materials to teach Python.

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barbagroup / AeroPython

The AeroPython learning module presents a computational approach to an engineering course in classical aerodynamics. The module focuses on one topic of this broad theoretical subject: the use of...

UofTCoders / rcourse

This material contains modular participatory live-coding lectures covering statistics and data analysis for ecology and reproducible quantitative methods in R. Statistical analysis, modelling,...

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darribas / gds18

A computational learning module on Geographic Data Science (GDS) that combines modern data workflows from Data Science with techniques from spatial analysis and Geographic Information Systems.

CameronDevine / StateMint

StateMint is a set of tools to symbolically determine the differential equation describing the dynamics of a system. As inputs these tools take the elemental and constraint equations of a system.

carpentrieslab / python-aos-lesson

Educational materials that teach Python programming in the context of atmosphere and ocean science.